About Us

Viper Carbide was Founded on...

Viper Carbide was founded on August 7, 2019 with the purpose of providing high-performing Carbide products to the North America market. 


Our headquarters are located in Troy, MI, where we are committed to bringing quality products to every one of our customers.

We are Headquartered in...

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Our Market is...

Viper Carbide is an emerging distributor in the carbide industry. We provide an array of products that can be used in the aerospace, metalworking, automotive, petroleum, medical, woodworking, and many other industries. We are working hard to be the go-to carbide distributor in the North-American market.


Our Products include...

We have a wide variety of products that can be grouped into seven categories: 

-Carbide Blanks

-Powder for Cemented Carbide

-Powder for Hard-Facing

-Carbide Inserts




Our Core Values...

Viper Carbide believes, not only in, high quality products but in high quality customer service. With that said, we will always do our best to provide you with products that exceed your expectations and earn your trust. Our success will always be defined by how well our service is to you, our customer.