Tungsten Plates

99.95% Pure Tungsten

Tungsten plates are mainly made out of Tungsten (99.95%). This gives them the following properties: High temperature resistance, high hardness, high density, high corrosion resistance, low thermal expansion, radiation absorption, etc. Such properties make it ideal for a variety of applications in the aerospace, military, and medical industries.

  • Parts of Electric Light Source and Electron Tube

  • Medical Facilities

  • Obstruction of Radiation andInterference

  • Heat Shields of HighTemperature Furnace

  • Heat Elements of HighTemperature Furnace

  • Structures of High

  • Temperature Furnace

  • Evaporation Boats

Dimensions: (Max, mm)
Surface Treatment:
  • Hot-rolled Alkaline Cleaning Surface

  • Electrolytic Polish Surface

  • Cold-rolled Surface

  • Machined Surface

  • Polished