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Turning & Boring

Parting & Grooving


Top Clamp: Grooving

Top Clamp: Threading

Top Clamp: Full Nose Radius

On-Edge: Grooving

On-Edge: Threading

On-Edge: Full Nose Radius

Lay Down Threading



Milling: Ball Nose Cutters

Thread Mill

Milling: Countersink & Chamfering


Multi-Tool Blades

Drilling: Multiple Point

Drilling: Single Point

Spade Blades

Carbide Inserts

Available Grades: VP10X, VP06

Carbide Inserts are removable cutting tips, which means they are not brazed or welded to the tool body. They are usually indexable, meaning that they can be exchanged, and often also rotated or flipped, without disturbing the overall geometry of the tool (effective diameter, tool length offset, etc.).

Suitable for machining common steel, cast iron, stainless steel, heat-resistant steel, nickel based alloys and titanium alloys, etc. It is recommended for making conventional tools, such as twist drills, end drills, screw taps, etc.

Indexable Inserts:
Our indexable inserts are used to complete a variety of metalworking projects. They are designed for threading, parting, drilling, turning, milling and more. Furthermore we provide inserts in diamond, square, octagon, pentagon, round, and triangular shape. If you are looking for a special or customized shape we can also help with that.

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