Saw Blanks

Grade: YS2T

With high wear resistance and high bending resistance, they can be used for semi finishing of chilled cast iron, non-ferrous metal alloys, semi-finished or finished hardened steel, alloy steel, and more. Widely used to cut paper, tile, tobacco, PCB board, aluminum, stainless steel, copper and other metals.

5/16OD x 1/16T1.0OD x 3/8ID x 1/32T2.0OD x 3/8ID x 3/64T4.0OD x 1.0ID x 1/4T
3/8OD x 1/8ID x 1/32T1.0OD x 3/8ID x 1/8T2.0OD x 1/2ID x 1/16T4.0OD x 1.0ID x 1/8T
3/8OD x 1/16TT1.0OD x 3/8ID x 3/32T2.0OD x 1/2ID x 1/32T4.0OD x 1.0ID x 3/16T
1/2DIA x .070TT1.0DIA x 1/16TTTS2T2.0OD x 1/2ID x 3/64T4.0OD x 1.0ID x 3/32T
1/2OD x 1/8ID x3/64T1-1/4OD x 1/4ID x 1/16T2-1/2OD x 5/8ID x 1/32T
1/2OD x 1/4ID x 3/16T1-1/4OD x 1/4ID x 1/32T2-1/2OD x 1.0ID x 1/16T
1/2OD x 3/16ID x1/16T1-1/4OD x 3/8ID x 1/32T2-1/2OD x 1.0ID x 1/32T
1/2OD x 3/16ID x3/64T1-1/4OD x 1/2ID x 1/16T2-1/2OD x 1.0ID x 1/8T
5/8OD x 1/4ID x 3/64T1-1/4OD x 1/2ID x 3/32T2-3/4OD x 1/2ID x1/16T
5/8OD x 1/16TT1-1/4OD x 5/16ID x 1/32T3.OD x 1.0ID x 1/8T
3/4OD x 1/4ID x1/16T1.482OD x 0.5ID x 0.35T3.0OD x 1.0ID x 1/16T
3/4OD x 1/4ID x1/32T1-1/2OD x 5/16ID x 1/16T3.0OD x 1.0ID x 1/32T
3/4OD x 1/4ID x1/8T1-1/2OD x 1/2ID x 1/16T3.0OD x 1.0ID x 3/32T
3/4DIA x 1/16TT1-1/2OD x 0.5ID x 1/32T3.0OD x 1.0ID x 5/32T
7/8OD x 5/16ID x 1/16T1-1/2OD x 5/16ID x 1/32T3-1/4OD x 1/2ID x 1/16T
7/8OD x 5/16ID x 1/32T1-3/4OD x 1/2ID x1/16T3.310OD x 5/8ID x 0.10T
1.0OD x 1/4ID x 1/32T1-3/4OD x 1/2ID x1/32T4.0OD x 1.0ID x 0.040T
1.0OD x 1/4ID x 3/32T1-3/4OD x 1/2ID x1/8T4.0OD x 1.0ID x 0.053T
1.0OD x 3/8ID x 1/16T1-3/4OD x 1/2ID x3/64T4.0OD x 1.0ID x 1/16T